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Pts. Challenge Information

BlueCircleSports and Therapeutic Associates Inc. are proud to be teaming up together to bring you The Points Challenge. Here’s how it works, we will be giving points to each of the City Of Trees Marathon Association Inc. events, starting with the Freezeout Challenge in January and finishing with the City Of Trees Marathon in October.  Points will be given for race participation and overall placement, and age group placement.  We will have different points for completion of the different distances, so the longer you run the more points you will receive.  All events involved can be registered for individually, you don’t have to run them all to be involved in the Pts. Series Challenge, however you are awarded significant points for completing each race.

Events and Participation Points for Series

Freezeout Challenge-January 24th, 2015
Short Run-3pts
Les Bois 10K- March 7th, 2015
Fit For Life- July 11th, 2015
Half Marathon-7pts
Payette Lake Run- September 6th, 2015
8.6 mile-6pts
City Of Trees Marathon- October 11th, 2015
Half Marathon-7pts

Awards Points

6 Points for overall win 5 Points for overall second 4 Points for overall third 3 Points for age group win 2 points for age group second 1 point for age group third. There will not be any double dipping from awards, but everyone will receive participation points for finishing. Tie breakers will be 1) most of races competed in. 2) Number of miles run in the point series events. 3) Best performance in the longest distance event.

At the City Of Trees Marathon in October, The Points Challenge presented by BlueCircleSports & Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy will be presented to the top FIVE Male and Female participants in the point series.  This way you can choose the distance you want to run based on what you are training for, or what you want to focus on instead of having to follow a planned tract.  Also this allows for everyone to compete against each other, without having to run all the races in a series, if you think your four races will hold up against someone who has run 5, let it ride and see what happens.  No need to sign up for the “Series”, just sign up for each race you want to compete in and we’ll calculate post race.  For those of you who play fantasy football, it’s kind of like that, we’ll calculate based on participation and or performance at each event.  For age group points we will use the 10 year range for the points series, regardless of each individual race awards.  Series points will be based  on top three overall, and top three in age groups, using the 10 year age range.  If someone places fourth in their age group, but the overall 1-2 or 3 came from the same age group, the fourth place person will move up accordingly, and be awarded the points for third. Here’s the Link

13 thoughts on “Pts. Challenge Series

  1. Little Emma and myself had a great time on the 10K run. I would highly recommend this run to everyone. If Emma(4) can finish the 10K then so can you. Great views when you can look up from the trails. Nice turnout for the 3rd year. Great after run raffles prizes, snacks and drinks.

  2. Jeff,
    Thanks for another great event. Very well organized and a great challenging course not to mention the best gluten-free muffins in the WORLD :)

    Can’t wait till next year’s race!


  3. Thank you to the organizers for a great race and thank you to the participants for making it such a great experience! This was my first trail race and second race ever. Everyone was really nice and it was a great experience. I am definitely fired up to keep running. What a great sport with great people!!!!

  4. Yep-very cool and challenging course! I managed to trip over one of those nunerous volcanic rocks and went down like a thunder clap! Took me awhile to recover and get my rhythm back again…I haven’t fallen like that in quite awhile :)

  5. I echo Joyce’s post… those cookies were the bomb (and chase ’em down with the Ultra ‘Lob and there ya go!). Although, you didn’t have a prize category for this I do believe I was the original Cookie Monster in da Desert today. Thanks Jeff, Mom; all the great volunteers for the memories (as wet as they may be). “Was it just me or did anyone else step on every friggin lava rock out there too?! JP

  6. Another great run in your series, despite the weather! Your mom’s cookies really hit the spot at the finish, and I love the fact you wait until us slow people are in before you do the prizes!

  7. Yes, your regular running shoe is appropriate. A racing flat is a shoe used mostly on race day, it has little support and therefore it’s very light. Since the soles of racing flats were developed for speed they are mostly used on the track and smooth asphalt surfaces such as the greenbelt. The High desert course has marble sized lava rock scattered throughout the 6 mile course, and if a racing flat were to step on a rock just right, it could cause bruising that wouldn’t be worth the risk to take for the weight of the shoe.

  8. I’m just an average runner so I don’t know what a race flat is. Can I just wear my Brooke’s running shoes or should I wear some form of hiking boot for running?

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