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Answer to question one:  Yes, you can pick up for a friend.
Answer to question two:  I understand you live out of town, that’s why we have race day packet pick up.
Answer to question three A:  No we won’t drop your packet off anywhere special for you.  Answer to question three B, I know Mike Shuman too, and no we won’t drop your packet off at his store.
Answer to question four, Do you really want us to stay open after 6pm?  We can’t we have to work on the race, water stations, post race, Sunday check in, volunteers etc.

Answer to question one: If you lose your chip, you will owe the timing company $40.  Don’t leave your chip in a bar, restaurant, your hotel room, or at your mother in-laws house in Caldwell.
Answer to question two: The chips is to be worn on your wrist.  NOT the ankle, wear it on your wrist.  We are providing this device to you on a band that goes around your wrist.  Ok I know the last race you did in Chino, you wore it on your ankle, but trust me on this, wear it on your wrist.  Don’t like things on your wrist?  Wear the chip on your wrist, and after the race, we’ll cut it off and you can spend the rest of the day without something on your wrist.
Answer to question three: Yes you can wear ear buds/head phones/I-pod/phone, etc.  We don’t Sanction against it, it’s your life.  Can’t go four hours without listening to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, or Adele?  We don’t care.  What we do care about is your safety, and the fact that volunteers are probably not only giving you encouragement, but most likely directions.  The roads aren’t closed to traffic, so it might be wise to turn the device down so you can hear the world around you.  We used to love to cheer people on, now we just watch you run, you can’t hear anyone anyway.
Answer to question four:  No, please leave your dog at home.  See Spot Walk was last week.  Too many legs, neighborhoods and parks.  Also Dogs aren’t allowed in the park at Parkcenter.
Answer to question five:  Feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket for post race, ummmm  ParkCenter Pond is within the park.  Pond-Geese-Grass, get the idea?