City Of Trees Marathon Association Inc.

The City Of Trees Marathon Association Inc. is no longer producing events.  We are sorry to inform all of or previous customers that we have moved on from our running event business.  For those of you who have known us for the last 20 years, you know how hard of a decision this has been for us.  We will miss all the relationships we developed over the years. 

For many of you we were there for all your exciting moments, from your first race, or first marathon, your personal best, your qualifying time, the time you got lost on course, or beat your neighbor.  We also were present for all those recovery runs and competitive races.  We really got to know our racers, and felt like we held little mini-reunions at every event we produced.  We will miss you all, but one thing we realized as many of you have, we are a family first organization, and it’s time to step back and be with family.  Our twin girls are now eight (if you can believe that). We’ve come a long way since they were born, both as a company and as a family.  We look forward to chasing them down on the weekends, and we look forward to seeing you all whenever we can.  Have a good run!

The City Of Trees Marathon Association Inc. is a non-profit 501(3)c organization that produces sporting events in the Boise Idaho area since our first race in 2002. Our goal is to provide quality running events that are tough, fun, and rewarding.

We are a family business first and foremost, we have a few paid event staff, but our organization consists of mostly volunteers.  We are passionate about giving the participant a home town feel to world class events.  We aren’t some corporate entity, and don’t be surprised if the event staff, doesn’t personally congratulate you with acknowledgement of your accomplishments.

We love our customers, the running community and the cities and towns we operate within.

Event Calendars

2021 Events

Event Date                  Event                                                                              Distances 

January 16th             Freezeout Challenge   Cancelled                      12K and 6K

March 6th                   Les Bois 10K     Cancelled                                       10K

July 17th                     Fit For Life Half Marathon Cancelled              Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

September 5th        Payette Lake Run  (Payette Lake Ski Club)     30K and 10K

October 10th           City Of Trees Marathon Cancelled                Marathon and Half Marathon